Everything Blog – so I will start with birds

I used to maintain a couple of blogs, one for birds only – but nobody knew about that one, because I kept it quiet.  🙂  But this is going to be an everything blog, so the bird stuff is going up here too.  Mike and I drove out to the farm ponds this evening.  We saw one new bird that I didn’t get a good pic of – a palm warbler.  It is yellowish underneath and has a chestnut cap – just coming in since spring is coming.  Warblers are hard to identify and even harder to get a picture of, because they flit about so quickly.

But the two pics of the bird above are in question.  I thought they were American pipits, but my acquaintances on a bird identification page on FB are questioning that.  Maybe it can be clarified this evening.  If so – I will update.